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Physical and/or mental disability or incapacity can impose significant limitations upon an individual’s ability to take care of themselves, express themselves verbally, and financially support themselves. 

Guardianship allows developmentally disabled adults to live their lives with as much dignity and self-reliance as possible, while still being able to receive the care they need. If a developmentally disabled individual cannot accomplish certain things independently, a legal guardian may:

  • Make sure care is available for the individual
  • Make financial decisions for the individual
  • Make medical decisions for the individual
  • Make sure there are adequate educational and medical resources for the individual
  • Submit updates to the court on the individual’s condition 

Make Your Wishes Known: Talk to James E. Johnson

Our firm mainly handles guardianship proceedings for developmentally disabled individuals who are over 18 years of age. To legally make decisions and manage money for the developmentally disabled person, a parent or other loved one should be appointed as a guardian advocate. This process is less cumbersome and less expensive than regular guardianship. Under the right circumstances, the court may waive the filing of annual accountings and formal guardianship plans.

Getting Started With Legal Guardianship: Make a Plan

Every state has unique regulations regarding guardianship. It can be helpful to consult with a legal attorney that is familiar with the laws in your state.

When making a plan for guardianship, it can be helpful to make a long-term plan with James E. Johnson to determine which options are best for you. Once you have decided on your plan, Mr. Johnson can help you handle court proceedings regarding guardianship.